Sis. Linda Owens Neal

Grand Worthy Matron

Sis. Blanchee James

Grand Conductress

Bro. Reginald Y. Scott

Grand Worthy Patron

Sis. Ella McGee

Grand Associate Conductress

Sis. Mary M. Ennis

Grand Associate Matron

Sis. Artonya Scott

Grand Treasurer

Bro. Jermaine Nowlin

Grand Associate Patron

Sis. Tamiquia T. Simon

Grand Secretary

"Those on whom shoulders we stand"

Past Grand Matrons

(15th) Sis. Joyce M. Durant

Immediate Past Grand Matron

(14th) Sis. Juanita D. Edwards

(13th) Sis. Sheila B. Danforth

(11th) Sister Jeanette P. Singleton

Past Grand Patrons

(13th) Bro. Fred Herriott

Immediate Past Grand Patron

(12th) Bro. Herman D. Rivers

(11th) Bro. Lewis H. Nelson

(10th) Rev. Bro. Terry B. Law, Sr.

(7th) Bishop Bro. Arthur L. Sellers

Past Grand Treasurers

Sis. Valerie V. Williams

Immediate Past Grand Treasurer

Sis. Ruth E. Jordan

Past Grand Secretaries

Sis. Jenette V. Wright

Immediate Past Grand Secretary

Sis Karen E. Blake

Walk In the Light - Georgia Mass Choir
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